Acting today, protecting tomorrow…

Here at Rocialle Healthcare, we are passionate about our responsibility to protect the planet. With a laser-focus on reducing our environmental footprint, we care about doing our bit to look after both the communities we serve and future generations to come.

Find out how we’ve helped the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust to realise recycling savings as part of their sustainability plans as we work together for a ‘Net Zero’ National Health Service.

As we continue to make significant steps in our GREEN-R journey, we’re proudly making progress in achieving a 50% reduction in emissions by 2030 and we strive to become “Net Zero”.

Green-R Energy

Increasing efficiencies and protecting resources

Green-R Innovation

Leading the way with solutions for sustainable products

Green-R Packaging

Reducing waste through recycling and digital adoption

Green-R Travel

Lowering carbon emissions and improving air quality

Green-R Working

Collaboratively making a positive difference

Green-R Energy

Smart Energy Reduction…

We are committed to monitoring our energy usage and delivering energy improvements. With investment in new systems, motion sensor lighting, optimisation of shift patterns and efficient shutdown procedures, we’re already cutting our energy usage by 33%

Green Energy Tariff…

100% of the electricity that we use is generated from verified renewable energy sources

Aiming For the Sun…

Covering 85% of the current roof space at our South Wales Head Office, we’ve installed 928 solar panels which reduce CO2 emissions and generate an estimated annual output of 386,000 kW…

…that’s the equivalent of powering the electricity of over 130 average UK households for a year.

Blowing Air Efficiently...

We’ve invested in a new, smartly intuitive Climate Control system for our temperature stores. Air source heat pumps with demand-based variable speed fans ensure a more energy efficient way of optimising required temperatures in large areas

Green-R Innovation

Leading Product Innovation…

We’re always looking at new ways in which we can drive sustainable production and we’re proud to be the first company to bring the NHS a new range of EcoRange Polyware that’s COMPLETELY MADE FROM 100% RECYCLED PLASTIC

Designed to cut waste to landfill without compromising product quality, EcoRange SAVES 189 TONNES OF PLASTIC a year.

That’s the around the same weight as…

Green-R Packaging

Our Brown Boxes are Really Green…

When you receive a delivery from us you can have confidence in knowing that our Rocialle Healthcare branded delivery boxes are made from 100% RECYCLED MATERIALS…


Green-R Travel

Fewer Miles and Lower CO2 Emissions…

Working in collaboration with our customers and suppliers, we’ve been able to consolidate orders to ensure more efficient and less frequent deliveries, without any detriment to service levels

On Our Bikes...

Lowering carbon emissions and encouraging a healthy lifestyle, we’re proud to offer our staff a subsidised ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme with financial support for bikes and equipment


Green-R Partners

Zero Waste to Landfill

With the creation of segregated recycling schemes across our sites and changes to our general waste management systems, this year we aim to achieve zero waste to landfill from our business operations

Sustainability Synergies…

We all have a part to play in protecting the environment and we work with the different partners in our supply chain to review and enhance sustainable operations.

Rocialle Healthcare and The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Over the last year, we’re proud to have helped The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust reduce their CO2e emissions through switching to recycled materials

Rocialle environmental leeds nhs teaching hospitals infographic

Find out how we can help you save money while supporting your sustainability plans by contacting us

Joanne Griffiths Head of Operations Rocialle Healthcare“Robert Swan said “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”  At Rocialle Healthcare, we have ambitious plans to improve our positive impact on the environment every way we can.  As a senior leadership team we are leading the initiative. Having started with self-reflection around what we can do personally, equally, we are looking to educate, inspire our employees along with our external manufacturing partners and help support our customer like-minded environmental aspirations.

At Rocialle Healthcare, we wholeheartedly believe we can make a modest difference to help our planet thrive, & survive for future generations.”

Joanne Griffiths, Head of Operations