Our Values

Our company values help us to make the right decisions

Having a clear set of values helps us understand what we stand for.

Our company values also give us guidance for our work and a sense of security. As a result, we are more likely to make the right  decisions — the decisions that help us achieve the company’s vision and goals.

Our values were developed by our employees, across various sites & business functions, through workshops which explored our core values & how we can verbalise them to ensure Rocialle Healthcare is inclusive & true to its nature.


At Rocialle Healthcare we are responsible for our ourselves, helping our colleagues and for providing the best service to our customers.  We are also responsible for complying with all standards and regulations that affect our products and business, and for maintaining a healthy and clean working environment.

We take our roles seriously & recognise the importance of the roles we have to play in assisting our customers look after the healthcare of patients.


At Rocialle Healthcare we are one team with a common goal and purpose. One business that takes pride in supporting colleagues and promoting a positive working atmosphere, dedicated to personal and business improvement.

We are one community that supports our local areas, and are focussed on recycling and sustainability.

Challenging & Brave

At Rocialle Healthcare we Challenge our ourselves to do better and take Brave decisions that help our colleagues, our customers and we challenge poor processes.  We are Brave enough to highlight safety concerns in our working environment with a view to positively challenge our standards to improve.

We challenge our teams & colleagues to always do the right thing.


At Rocialle Healthcare we produce better products and services for our customers through innovation.  We strive to consistently improve our business processes to lead the markets in which we operate, driving efficiency and reduce unnecessary cost.

We are innovating to transition to a fully ‘green’ sustainable business by 2030.


At Rocialle Healthcare we are Agile in the way we quickly & positively respond to market changes & challenges, and flexible to positively support our everchanging customer needs.  We are open-minded about growing our business in new product and service areas, and in supporting our colleagues and teams.

We continuingly seek to improve business processes and procedures through agility in order to comply with legal & regulatory needs.


At Rocialle Healthcare we are Loyal and stay true to the company and its values in good and bad times.  We are loyal to our friends, families and colleagues, to our customers and our collaborative supplier partners and we hold ourselves accountable for having the right attitude and work ethic and in supporting our local communities.

Listening & Respectful

At Rocialle Healthcare we Listen & are Respectful of our customers, supplier partners, teams, colleagues and shareholders; of the business environment we work in, and the company equipment we work with.

We listen & respect our colleagues’ ideas & concerns about Quality, Compliance and Health & Safety and of feedback from our local community, in which we live & work.


At Rocialle Healthcare we are Entrepreneurial when we strive to implement innovative ideas that add true business improvements and people development, when we seize on new business opportunities, take measured risks and act with pace and passion to help support our customers.

We are focused in ensuring that our activities support long term sustainable profitable growth and we know we’re doing well when all employees feel valued, engaged and part of an inclusive & diverse business.