Working at Rocialle Healthcare

What We Do

With over 40 years in the Healthcare Supply industry, Rocialle Healthcare has helped millions of patients live healthier & happier lives by providing the best medical supplies to surgeons, theatre nurses, GPs, paramedics and other healthcare practitioners.

We not only source and provide medical supplies such as single-use instruments, everyday disposables and medical equipment, but we also build medical packs in a cleanroom environment, which are then sterilised through our eBeam facility.

We have over 450 employees across the UK, many of whom work in our cleanroom, warehouse & production areas at our Head Office in Mountain Ash.  We have a number of staff also working in office locations.

How Old Are We?



How Long Do We Stay Here?


Job Roles at Rocialle Healthcare include:

  • Production & Cleanroom Operators

    Our Production Operatives are responsible for correctly assembling medical packs, ensuring they are prepared to a high standard and sending them down the Production line, ready to go out to our key customers, including the NHS. They also assist with general administration duties in the production environment. A critical role, directly benefiting the health and wellbeing of patients in hospitals and clinics across the UK.

    The Production department also requires skilled Supervisors, Team Leaders, Managers and Machine Operatives to ensure the smooth running of the department.

  • Warehouse Operator

    Our stores are packed with thousands of products which are delivered to several key customers in the healthcare sector, including the NHS. Our dedicated Warehouse staff work as a team to efficiently organise, pick, and pack the correct products to ensure they reach the right destination at the right time. This is a vital part of our supply chain, and it makes for fast-moving, busy, and varied work.

    We regularly recruit for Warehouse Operatives and Supervisors.

    We also have one of only three E-Beam facilities in the UK onsite and this requires dedicated, calm, methodical individuals who take Health & Safety seriously and can work independently and safely.

  • Customer Service & Telesales

    Our Customer Service Team effectively manage both inbound and outbound calls to ensure that all of our customers are treated with a high level of care and respect at all times. It’s a busy and varied role; Advisors will process good communication and organisational skills with the ability to think outside the box.

    Our dedicated Telesales Teams will ensure that potential clients are provided with relevant information on how Rocialle Healthcare can support them and their business.

  • Health & Safety and Facilities Roles

    These departments keep us safe at work and ensure that the premises and equipment are safe and secure. Whether it’s attending refresher training, carrying out investigations, providing figures, testing machinery or arranging repairs, no two days are the same.

  • Microbiology Roles

    Our Microbiology team play a key part in ensuring the success of the business. They help with hygiene control, process audits, environment monitoring, sterility testing, E-Beam validation and carrying out improvement projects where necessary. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, do keep an eye out for recruitment updates.

    Microbiology will also help us to conduct vital induction sessions, so if you join Rocialle Healthcare in another department, it’s likely that you will meet a member of Microbiology who will explain what they do and how the department works!

  • Sterility Assurance / Regulatory / Quality Roles

    Because of the nature of what we do and the products we supply, it’s imperative that our products are safe, secure, sterile, and high quality.

    In our Sterility, Regulatory and Quality departments, our staff understand the importance of this, and have the expertise required for us to deliver excellent products to our valuable customers in good time. It’s critical we ensure that the organisation is aware of changes to relevant standards and that we manage the implementation of these changes when required.

    The departments also work together to ensure that the company has the best possible processes in place to ensure that all staff are safe, there is no product contamination, that the working areas remain clean and tidy, and are always compliant with current regulations.

  • Finance Roles

    We have a small but stable Finance team who are all committed to the business. The Finance team not only take care of making and collecting payments, they also manage accounts and build successful relationships with our clients, customers and suppliers. Roles in Finance vary, but are all equally important. The team are supportive of each other and there is a good level of flexibility.

  • Supply Chain Roles

    The Supply Chain department is very busy and no two days are the same! Working in our Supply Chain department, you’d need to be proactive, organised, and able to think independently. The team ensure that client orders are processed successfully, pre-empt any issues with deliveries/suppliers and look to rectify these. They also work closely with Production to provide them with knowledge on what orders have been placed, which products we need to distribute and when.

    Whether it’s Planning or account managing, if the above sounds like something you’d enjoy, we’d definitely recommend joining this fast-paced team.

  • Purchasing Roles

    We need to ensure we have the best products and identify upcoming demands, so our Purchasing team are on hand to help us with this. Working alongside Supply Chain, the Purchasing department is critical. We have a varied team of Senior and Junior Buyers, working together to achieve business goals.

  • Marketing, Digital Marketing and eCommerce Roles

    With some of our newest staff, these teams are very busy giving Rocialle Healthcare an exciting new image and elevating the business to the next level! We have amazingly talented people, from Creative Designers to Marketing specialists and eCommerce experts.

    Working together and with other departments, they help us to produce professional communication avenues such as company newsletters, posters and leaflets. We’re also changing the company’s website and branding and are on-track to a great new look. This will help us to secure new business and really grow as a company. Opportunities in these departments will be varied and will suit creative professionals.

  • Sales Team

    Our Sales team manages all customer and client enquiries and works with other departments to ensure orders are filled correctly, contracts are smooth and reliable, and that new customers have the very best first impression of the business. We want to make sure that people know about us and what we can offer, so our salespeople are very skilled and knowledgeable.

    We also have a new team of data analysts and product specialists, who help us to identify sales trends and forecasts, and pitch to our varied client base.

    As Rocialle Healthcare is a growing company, we are soon to be launching a new exciting Telesales team. If this is of interest, please send us your CV so we can keep your details ready for the recruitment stage.

  • IT Service & Support Roles

    Ensuring we have the best IT setup possible, our compact but mighty IT team are the backbone of the business and keep us connected!

    Careers in IT are highly sought after and we will ensure we advertise any roles as soon as they arise.

  • Human Resources & Payroll Roles

    HR is a varied department and they deal with many things, including people management, absence management, employee wellbeing and support, recruitment, grievances, disciplinaries, payroll and organising company events to name a few!

  • Graduate Opportunities, Internships and Work Experience

    We are always looking for graduates within the business and have a real passion for helping fantastic people gain experience and contribute to the company.

    Please ask if you are interested in any of the above sectors – even if we cannot offer a permanent contract, we will likely be able to help you in some way, whether that’s a temporary opportunity, an internship or some work experience. At the very least, we will offer you advice and motivation!