What to Expect


The first step in the recruitment journey will be to complete an application form or submit your CV, this will depend on the vacancy that you are applying for.

Application forms will generally ask questions based around the role in order to assess your experience, so this is an excellent opportunity to make yourself stand out. Don’t be shy in giving as much detail as you can about your skills and how they apply to the role.

Assessment centres

An assessment day gives you the opportunity to get to know the team managers for the role you are applying for, as well as a chance for them to meet you. Together with a group of other candidates, we will spend some time telling you about Rocialle Healthcare and the role you have applied for.

Following this, there is an ice-breaker session and some group exercises, which are designed to help us get to know you, and assess your suitability for the role.


You will be met by a member of the Recruitment Team and the hiring manager for the position that you are applying for. After having a chat about Rocialle Healthcare, we will discuss the role you have applied for and how it fits into the organisation.

We will ask you some questions in relation to the position and your previous experience and skills. You will also be able to ask us any questions you may have – we want to make sure that Rocialle Healthcare is the right fit for you too!


What Happens After?

Depending on the role you have applied for, we may invite you for an additional interview or to an assessment day. Don’t worry – we will make sure you are fully aware of each stage of the recruitment journey.

If you have been successful, a member of our recruitment team will call to make you an offer. This offer will include details of the salary and benefits that you can expect, and what the next steps will be.  We want you to make the right decision when choosing Rocialle Healthcare as the place to grow your career, so you do not have to accept straight away, but we will certainly be looking forward to welcoming you to the team.

In the event that you are unsuccessful, we will make sure to inform you as soon as possible, and offer feedback on your interview.  We may also take the opportunity to discuss other vacancies we have available that we feel you would be interested in.

Andrew Jenkins,
Head of Marketing

“I joined Rocialle Healthcare as Head of Marketing after spending 21 years in the same company, so you can imagine what a big change this was, but I am pleased I made the move.  Rocialle Healthcare is a dynamic and growing company, and I’m grateful to be playing a part in their rebrand and growth plans.”

Andrew Jenkins, Head of Marketing