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Our Brand

Empowering Care & Wellbeing

The world of healthcare is ever changing, with advanced technology, precision tools, a focus on digital and with new ways of communicating.  We are also seeing more collaborative working, preventative care and, with diminishing planetary resources, a focus on the environment.

“As our customers continue to adapt and evolve, so must we.”

This is why we rebranded in 2021.



Our new brand is more than a logo; it is a set of core values, a clear mission and ambitious vision.

It reflects our contemporary business whilst maintaining over 40 years’ specialist experience within the acute care sector and clearly defines the different divisions we have within Rocialle Healthcare.

We aim to be the first choice for healthcare professionals and patients. We understand our different customers and we care about providing them with the highest quality product and service solutions, whilst maintaining a laser-focus on sustainability and our environmental impact.

By working together, we enable treatment, facilitate prevention and encourage personal wellbeing in order to help people live healthier & happier lives.

Customer Focused

We understand our different types of customers within various sectors, particularly Acute Care, Primary Care & Community Care and we work collaboratively with them to add value to their operations.


We are experts in our field, and with ISO13485 certification and MHRA governance, we are proud to provide the highest quality products and services.


We deliver on our promises and do everything in our power to help our customers do their jobs well.

Environmentally Responsible

We ensure our activities are fair, safe, and sustainable, and we are committed to protecting the communities we serve.

Our Values

As part of the rebrand process, our employees, across various sites & business functions, deveoped a core set of values through workshops which explored our personal core values & how we can verbalise them to ensure Rocialle Healthcare is inclusive & true to its nature.